Membership is required to shoot at a Perth Metro Sporting Clays ground.

Visitors and guests wanting to have a go are more then welcome to attend one of our grounds scheduled shoots and attend a couple of times to get to know the members and get a ‘feel’ for the club and the sport.


To continue to shoot at any of our 2 clay target grounds and to have access to our members rifle ground, you will need to become a Perth Metro Sporting Clays member.


Our membership is an annual membership and runs from the date your membership is accepted 

Our club currently has over 200 active members who enjoy the sport and the friendly social interaction on both of our grounds.

Contact us to visit a scheduled event 

How to become a member?

Drop us a line to visit one of the grounds and we will arrange a suitable event day and one of our experienced members or coaches to show you around.


If you are completely new to a shooting sport one of our coaches will run, you through the safety requirements on the day and take you through the days event.

Non-members and new shooters will always be accompanied by an experienced member or coach as safety is one of the primary priorities of any shooting sport.


Once you have attended a couple of times and want to become a member, you can apply for membership either online, download the application form here or request an application form from one of the committee members.

Membership application forms need a sponsor (usually the person who invited you or one of the members you have gotten to know on your first few visits.


Once the form is complete the ground captain or one for the committee members will need to review and sign the application prior to submitting it to the club.


Once excepted you will be free to attend either of the grounds on any of the scheduled events.

But I do not have a firearms license?

The club has a number of club owned shotguns that can be utilised by new members under supervision by authorised members.


If you are planning on continuing the sport, we recommend getting your own shot gun, and the club can assist in this process.

Apply for membership to PERTH METRO SPORTING CLAYS


Perth Metro Sporting Clays Membership

All members are required to be a PMSC member (as of 1st January 2024)

SCA/SCWA affilation is in addition to the PMSC membership if required.

Membership Fee's

  • PMSC Annual Fee's:  $190.00